Pumping Doctor

Made by an Exhausted Physician Mom and her colleagues

Welcome to Pumping Doctor. It is an honor to have you join us, we are a team of medical professionals who also happen to be mothers determined in wanting to have the best possible life for our little ones. We love to personally review the hundreds of products in the ‘mothers and family’ sector and everything related to it. This includes us having the unique opportunity of testing out dozens of breast pumps, baby bottles, breast milk accessories, and everything you could imagine that would be placed in your home.


Our first section of course is dedicated to breast pumps, this range from single breast pumps to breast pumps used if you are blessed to have twins. Our reviews are constantly being updated to ensure that the information is fresh and that the content prepared for our readers is as relevant as possible.


There are thousands of options when it comes to what baby food processors to use, what baby formula works best for a 1 year old vs. a 2 year old, and finally let’s not even get started to how complicated it is to pick the right baby bottle or baby bottle nipple sizes! We hope you find this section helpful as we put a ton of work into preparing these detailed guides and product reviews for your consumption.


We went through the paintaking process of filtering out the noise and only focusing on the signal in this case, meaning we are only showing you the products that we feel all working mothers will need to help increase breast milk flow, milk volume, and we highlight some of the best accessories in this category.


We understand that you are doing your best, and trust us when we say that your spouses do appreciate it and see everything that you do, even though sometimes it may seem like the world is pathologically working against you. It is important to keep perspective and to stay optimistic that there is still a quality life to live and to remember, that there is always time to enjoy the little things in life. We review home accessories in-depth here, including toys, game for children and the family, kids tents, and so much more!